It’s not the news we wanted however we are staying positive and hope to be back very soon!

All ticket holders that have purchased tickets for events between Monday 21st June & Sunday 18th July will be contacted via email for rescheduled events.

In the meantime, we will continue to open with our Pub In A Club sessions until we can return to the dancefloor properly.

Our Covid-19 Measures
Fri 11th Jun • 09:00pm - 02:00am

Tru Nightpub


We do things differently here, including BOTTOMLESS DRINKS from 9-11pm. We're not going to let 'rona ruin our lead up to summer any more than it already has, so are bringing back the good ole’ “Sit down disco” until we hit things hard on the 21st June! Over the winter we've perfected the art of the 'sit down disco' and we’re clinging onto the hope that you’ve been polishing up on your best sit-down dance moves – even if it is that faithful foot-tap.